Updates on how we are handling this situation right now! 

Updates on how we are handling this situation right now!

How We are HandlingThis Situation Right Now! - COVID- 19

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the taxi services market across many countries. The whole world is suffering from COVID-19  which  will affect the lifestyle and business of everyone.

How We are HandlingThis Situation Right Now! - COVID- 19

Coronavirus(COVID-19) is like a speed breaker for all businessmen and entrepreneurs. We are taking a difficult step in this massive situation. that how we operate cab services in Jaisalmer. Because every businessman is facing the same situation – “lack of customer suppliers”

There are 1.64 million cases in India till now and over 17 million confirmed cases worldwide. Coronavirus creates many critical and serious challenges for private sectors. So in this situation, we have to fight back. With implementing new planning, strategy, and changing organizational structure without losing customers and any kind of loss.

Right now everyone is going for digital connectivity and  virtual services. Where we can maintain social distancing and can live life happily and could run our business easily.

The Logical Indian, says that Bharat Biotech COVID-19 vaccine can be released in the market on 15 August.  But, this is not the exact deadline for releasing vaccines. And situations can be changed. And maybe thereafter everything is going back to normal.

In this pandemic situation. we want to share our thoughts that how we are supporting our customers & community.

  1. To continue checking Updates of government norms and COVID-19 news. To help our customers and community people.
  2. We Contact our customers mainly by email,  hangout, whatsapp and provide an online booking system for customers.
  3. Our customer care service provider coordinates with clients by doing work from home.
  4. We encourage mental health to our employees and drivers. to ensure that his/ her job and position is secure  in this outbreak
  5. Our priority is customer safety which are given  by WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION.
  6. Our main concern is  customer’s safety. While booking  a stay in any hotel, book taxi service in Jaisalmer, or any travel packages. Everything needs to be  ready according to customer safety guidelines by Rajasthan tourism.
  7. We only choose those hotels which maintain their safety measurement according to the government guideline.
  8. We change our customer booking policy or cancellation policy due to CoronaVirus. Your booking dates can be changed in a bad situation. But this will not make a major difference in your booking cost and it can be the same. We will give you more flexibility in your travel planning
  9. We regularly check the health or temperature of our drivers  to avoid the spreading of Coronavirus and they always use hand sanitizer while driving  with the customer.
  10. We give training to our community people how to travel while socializing in this pandemic situation.
  11. know more about Jaisalmer and any kind of information you can read our blogs too-

Some Safety Measurements We are Following Right Now!

How We are HandlingThis Situation Right Now! - COVID- 19
  1. We can keep our place hygienic.
  2. Always try to avoid touching your nose, mouth, and eyes.
  3. Stay home and go self Quarantine when you feel cold, flu, headache, and body pain until you feel normal.
  4. When you go outside, wear a mask to avoid spreading infection.
  5. If fever is high and you feel difficulty in breathing. then you have to go directly to the hospital. and take instruction from your local health authority. 
  6. Take healthy diets. Do yoga and gym at home. Try to avoid outside food. or any kind of intoxicant like- alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, and other kinds of drugs.
  7. Maintain social distancing with outsiders. At least keep 1-meter distance from others.
  8. Regularly clean your hand with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer when you come back to the home.
  9. Always try to avoid crowded areas.

We maintain  this situation whether you travel now and in the future with heritage taxi services.We care about your safety and wellness.Our doors are always open for you. We are always here to assist you.


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